“Utilizing FullStack's services allows us to check an enormous box in the day-to-day running of a startup, and shifts our focus to serving our customers and scaling our business.”

Keith Kleinmaier, CEO Tenant Tracker


Here are a few of the services we can package together for you:

  • Payroll: We handle payroll for your full-time & part-time, salaried & hourly employees. We provide support for one-time payments like commissions, expense reimbursements and bonuses.  
  • Administrative & Operational HR Support: We provide you with a base employee handbook and will work with you to customize any policies unique to your business. When you have a critical question on how to handle something, we're available. 
  • Strategic HR Consulting: When you need strategic HR support, we are there. We can help everything from compensation studies to hiring strategy, and from culture change to performance management.
  • Ancillary HR Support: If you have a new partnership that requires your employees to have new requirements (i.e. drug testing and/or background checks), we can process those for you as well.
  • Compliance: Taxes and employment laws are constantly changing. Don't worry, we'll make sure you're on top of it. 
  • Health, Dental, and Vision: We provide access to high-quality health, dental & vision plans at affordable rates. We work with you to understand what's competitive for your market, and offer some "off the shelf" options for teams who just want to get started with a competitive plan without the complexity of designing their own plan from the bottom up.
  • Supplemental Benefits: We provide access to life and disability insurance for your employees. LTD, STD, AD&D and Life Insurance options are all available. We also offer HSAs and FSAs. 
  • 401(k): We can provide your team with access to a competitive 401(k) retirement plan that seamlessly integrates with your payroll.
  • Health and Wellness: We can help you plan, setup, and administer various health and wellness programs.