“Utilizing FullStack's services allows us to check an enormous box in the day-to-day running of a startup, and shifts our focus to serving our customers and scaling our business.”

Keith Kleinmaier, CEO Tenant Tracker

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We’ve been in your shoes. You’re trying to balance a number of conflicting priorities. Most of the time you probably feel like you’re behind - because you are.

  • You need to figure out product-market-fit.

  • You need to scale sales and marketing.

  • You need to find and manage capital and do better financial modeling.

  • You need to find talent, get them incorporated into the team and culture, and then manage them effectively.

  • You have to worry about office space, legal, bookkeeping, taxes, payroll, laptops, software licensing, and a hundred other small items.

We can’t solve all of that for you, but we can take one small piece of that off your plate. We can focus on your people, so you can focus on scaling your business. Let us take all of the transactional HR items off your to-do list. And maybe with our empathy services, we can also get you better connected into a community of peers who are struggling with some of the same things.

Traditional Services

Here are a few of the traditional services we can package together for you:

  • Payroll: We handle payroll for your full-time and part-time, salaried and hourly employees. We provide support for one-time payments like commissions, expense reimbursements and bonuses.

  • Administrative & Operational HR Support: We provide you with a base employee handbook and will work with you to customize any policies unique to your business. When you have a critical question on how to handle something, we're available.

  • Strategic HR Consulting: When you need strategic HR support, we are there. We can help everything from compensation studies to hiring strategy, and from culture change to performance management.

  • Ancillary HR Support: If you have a new partnership that requires your employees to have new requirements (i.e. drug testing and/or background checks), we can process those for you as well.

  • Compliance: Taxes and employment laws are constantly changing. Don't worry, we'll make sure you're on top of it. When various agencies show up and start asking questions, we’re also right there with you - every step of the way.

  • Health, Dental, and Vision: We provide access to high-quality health, dental & vision plans at affordable rates. We work with you to understand what's competitive for your market, and offer some "off the shelf" options for teams who just want to get started with a competitive plan without the complexity of designing their own plan from the bottom up.

  • Supporting Health Benefits: We provide access to employee assistance programs, telehealth options, and a number of other programs. We want your employees to feel taken care of - just like we would want to be taken care of if we worked for you.

  • Supplemental Benefits: We provide access to life and disability insurance for your employees. LTD, STD, AD&D and Life Insurance options are all available. We also offer HSAs and FSAs.

  • 401(k): We can provide your team with access to a competitive 401(k) retirement plan that seamlessly integrates with your payroll.

  • Health and Wellness: We can help you plan, setup, and administer various health and wellness programs. Some day, we may even help sponsor some FullStack intramural sporting competitions and challenges.

Empathy Services

Here are a few of the more specialized services we offer to emerging companies:

  • FullStack Job Board: We offer a shared job board for all our clients, allowing you to both promote your company and what makes you different, as well as share specific job opportunities.

  • Passive Technical Recruiting: We receive a number of unsolicited resumes to work with our companies. In addition, we work with a lot companies who interview a lot of potential hires, so we often have access to deeply technical talent that’s not officially available. Because people are so critical to an emerging company’s success, we’re sometimes in a position to move a candidate from one search to another, so that all our clients have the opportunity to find the best possible people.

  • FullStack Shared Internship Program: Internship programs are an important part of the long-term recruiting process, but they can be hard to do right. We provide structure to the chaos by creating shared experiences for interns across FullStack companies. We work with you to craft a memorable experience for your interns. In addition, we can sometimes help match companies who both need a part-time intern.

  • Emerging Leaders Slack Account: It’s a small thing, but sometimes the small things matter most. We invite all of our clients to a dedicated Slack account shared by all FullStack clients. It gives you better access to us, but more importantly, it gives you better access to each other — we know a lot (that’s why you’re hiring us), but YOU know a lot, too. Having access to a closed community of emerging company leaders can be an invaluable part of your success.

  • Quarterly Workshops for Emerging Leaders: Each quarter we host invitation-only workshops or roundtables for our FullStack clients. Topics range from HR, to sales and marketing, to fundraising, to just about anything else you may be struggling with as an emerging company —we’re here to help.

  • One-on-One Coaching for Trajectory Management: We’ve worked with hundreds of companies and have a lot of experience with what it really takes to grow. That’s why all of our clients get access to the FullStack leadership team for one-on-one meetings - at your request. More than that, we’re tapped into a huge network of angels, investors, advisors and consultants we can call on as needed. 

  • Employee Compensation & Equity Coaching: If you’re like most emerging companies, your employees are in it for more than just their weekly paycheck. To help you make sure you’re being fair and competitive, we not only benchmark salaries across both industries and markets and share that information with you, we also work with you to craft profit sharing and equity plans that keep your people engaged and committed.

To figure out how much we can help you, let’s set up a quick time to connect.


“Working with FullStack is a dream! Because we are a startup, none of our employees had experience with payroll, benefits or HR needs - that's when we found FullStack. They are easily accessible, respond quickly, and help us understand each process every step of the way. To us, FullStack is not a vendor but an invaluable member of our team.”

Lynelle Melady, INnovative Toxicology